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  1. Ban Information Name: SH1FT3R IP: Reason: language Ban Length: 30 minutes Unban Time: 20:12:55 5/10/2020 Admin Name: raazvanu Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:1:20035495 Why im banned admins You have no right to call me that I am Albanian I am Macedonian I speak English on the server sometimes when I call my friends to get involved with them I speak Macedonian why are they banning me and calling me an Albanian? admins razvanu and dog calling me albaninan and banned me im from macedonia what doesn't she like that i am from macedonia and they ban me?
  2. Nume: SH1FT3R Varsta: 24 Experienta in adminat?: ... Linku cu ore gametracker.com: https://www.gametracker.rs/player/ Poti ajuta serverul cu un boost?(nu este obligatoriu , ramane la libera alegere): Da Ai citit regulamentul?: De Ce Nu? Motivul pentru care vrei admin: pentru a scapa serverul de camperi/codati Esti constient ca daca nu verifici forumul zilnic primesti remove ? : Da Esti constient ca daca nu intri macar odata la 2 zile pe server primesti remove ? : Da
  3. SH1FT3R

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    Name: SH1FT3R Age: 24 Experience in admin ?: linked with gametracker.com hours: https://www.gametracker.rs/player/ You can help boost a server? (Not required, remains free choice): yes Have you read the rules ?: yes reason you admin: a Are you aware that unless check daily forum receive remove? : yes Are you aware that if you do not enter the server at least once every 2 days you will receive a remove? :yes
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