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  1. Pro, very good player, good luck!
  2. Pro, very good player and i see him active!
  3. eXpLoReRs

    Cerere admin

    Contra, not enough hours
  4. Name: eXpLoReRs Age: 25 Admin Experience: I've been as an admin for around 8 years in different kind of forums and servers. Link to hours gametracker.com: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Can you help the server with a boost? (Not required, remain free to choose): No.. Have you read the rules ?: Why not? Reason why you want admin: Because i would like to be part of the team, and aswell when no admin is around, ive to keep some people warned not to break the fun of the game!! Are you aware that if you do not Do you check the daily forum receive remove? : Yes, i've a lot of experience with forums won't be a problem :) Are you aware that if you do not enter at least once every 2 days on the server you receive remove? : Yes im aware of that!
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