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  1. Name: DlaX Age:19 The admin experience : ADMIN Admin in many servers like " ZM - Knife servers" This is my first Chance in this server and I hope that you accept me from this request give me this chance. Link with hours on gametracker.com:https://www.gametracker.com/player/DlaX/ Can you help the server with a boost? (It is not obligatory, it remains free choice):No sorry, but I think in the future. Have you read the rules ?: I almost finished Reason for care for admin:I will help people who are new to this server, because I have seen most people enter the server and do not know anything. At least I will give them enough help and admiration for this server Are you aware that if you do not check the daily forum you get deleted? : yes and i check the daily forum always so dont worry. Are you aware that if you do not log in at least once every 2 days on the server, you will get deleted :Yes iam . and i wish that wont happend <3
  2. Name : DLAX <--------------------> Age : 19 <--------------------> "I HAVE EXPERIONS ABOUT THIS " <3 And iam A admin in alot of Servers i actually playing on This Server Every Day About " 9 - 8 " hours per day sometimes I see violations of the rules From players like " earning xp AFK PLAYERS - camp .... " <3 < Thanks ! > <3
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