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  1. PRO - Accepted kind player helps new players answers other's questions good english always active
  2. Name: PAIN Age: 18 The admin experience: Moderator in ThundrzmCSBD i was called AbodKinG back then in 2015. Link with hours on gametracker.com: https://www.gametracker.com/player/PAIN/ look here, i know i don't have the requested amount of hours, but in the time being i made this admin request i have 12 hours in two days, so i assure you i will have the requested amount in less than 3 days, so please just give me the chance and i'll show you. Can you help the server with a boost? (It is not obligatory, it remains free choice): wish i can't but No sorry. Have you read the rules ?: yes i have and i will respect them. Reason for care for admin: Because my english is almost fluent, and a lot of people need help and most of them aren't roman speakers, which means they need my help so i want to help these people and make sure the server is clean from spammers and hackers. Are you aware that if you do not check the daily forum you get deleted? : yes i am aware and i have a lot of time in my hands so don't you worry about it Are you aware that if you do not log in at least once every 2 days on the server, you will get deleted : yes i am. and i'll make sure that this wont happen
  3. Proposal / Suggestion: What would help us: A brief description: Suggestion : Add the star_wars map What would help us : its a very famous map along the superhero mod server, a very old and classic one too. A brief description : with adding it, maybe more players will be encouraged to join us. so please put that in your list. and thank you for reading
  4. voted <3 best superhero server ever!
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